Moto X is Leaked in New Video

Gotten tired of seeing all the pictures of the unreleased Moto X? Well, thanks to our friends over at Rogers, there has a been a leak of a full production video detailing some of the phones features.

One of the most eye catching features shown in this video is the always aware ability. Even when the phone is locked, all it takes is a quick voice command such as “Okay Google, what is the weather today” and it will instantly go to Google Now and grab the information for you.

Also, the leaked video details a new way to launch the camera app by simply shaking ones wrist twice. It may also be noteworthy to mention how fast the pictures were taken on the phone as well but who knows if the speed will carry on over from pre-launch leaks to our hands.

What do you guys think of the new features? Gimmicks or practical additions?

(Source: Technobuffalo)


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