Verizon Announces ‘Edge’ plan for Phone Enthusiasts


For those that want to have the best phone in the market, but want to keep their Verizon coverage, people can do so without having to pay for each new phone at full retail price (up front, that is).  Verizon’s solution to keep these kinds of people away from T-Mobile’s Jump and AT&T’s NEXT plans is Edge. This plan will allow customers to pay off their smartphone over two years and within that time, if they wish to swap phones for an upgrade all they need to do is have 50 percent of their phone’s retail price paid off. In the long run you will end up paying the full price of the phone; but hey, it could be worth it if you’re a hardcore phone enthusiast that wants the best of the best.

The specifics of this plan are still very vague and we might not know more till we near the official launch date on August 25th.


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