Sony could be releasing a ‘clip on’ 20MP camera attachment for Android devices

In what could be a reaction to the new developments in the smartphone camera industry, it has been reported that Sony could have a ‘clip on’ 20MP lens for your android smartphone. I say it could be a reaction to other smartphone because this has been leaked right before the Nokia Lumia 1020 release, which has a ridiculous 41MP camera.


The attachment may have NFC, wifi, and bluetooth capabilities; which may be the method of communication between the phone and the lens accessory. The attachment will have it’s own sensor included so this will not magnify your existing smartphone camera but rather replace it when needed. Most likely, you ‘re phone’s screen will act as the digital viewfinder via a specific android application.

This is a very interesting concept, because it has all the zooming and megapixel power when you want it instead of always having to lug around a bulky smartphone with the same specs.

Personally, I hope this will come through production… however, I’m also pretty sure it may only be compatible with Sony mobile devices so chances are I won’t get a chance to enjoy this accessory for myself.

(Source: Android Community)


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