Some of the Moto X features revealed

Verizon’s new DROIDs were just announced showing off some pretty neat features.. and seeing as some applications such as the Camera software looking the same on both devices we can assume that the Moto X may share some of the same features with its siblings the the DROID line.

Some of the features in question are Active Display, Active Notifications, Motorola Connect, Lost Phone Tracking, Motorola Assist, and Motorola Migrate.

nexusae0_wm_00007_thumb nexusae0_wm_00008_thumb

As seen on other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, the AMOLED display technology for the Moto X will allow the phone to display individual pixels thus saving battery life when other pixels are not needed. This technology will be featured mostly in the Active Display and Active Notifications features for the phone. Active display will allow users to see what unread notifications they have by periodically lighting certain pixels. To get rid of notifications, all a person needs to do is simply swipe left or right to clear notifications. Also, this feature will allow users to unlock their phone when the phone is off by simply dragging their finger down to a target.


The Motorola Connect feature is much like Google’s syncing feature for its hangouts application and will allow users to see their texts and notifications through a Chrome extension. Then with built in phone tracking, people will not have to rely on third party applications to find lost or stolen phones.

We can’t forget about that cool teaser we saw from Rodgers that showcased the always on tech that allowed you to talk to your phone even when it was locked… Well, it seems like this phone may not even need a quiet room to listen to just you. In the Train Launch Phrase window it seems as though it wants to learn your voice so it can detect it even when others around you are talking.

Finally, with Motorola Migrate,  it is now possible to migrate things such as call history, texts, SIM contacts, media and even certain settings from one phone to another.

(Photo and News Cred: Android Police)


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