Can’t Believe It: Woman steals $821,000… then tries to crowd source her repayment.


Apparently, a woman that goes by the name of Reneta Sharmrokova embezzled $821,000 from her employer.  According the Daily Mail, she admitted to fraudulently creating two American Express cards in her bosses name and then going on luxurious vacations and even buying herself fine jewelry.

As punishment, she has to pay back the full $821,000 or face time in jail. But how would a now sure-to-be-unemployed person go about obtaining the money to bail themselves out of trouble? Well, she decided crowd sourcing the funds would work!

Unfortunately to her dismay, in a week she has only raised $300. Maybe there are still some people out there who have some common sense. Don’t bail this thief out of trouble… if it does so happen that she gets the funds I will have to admit my loss for the faith in humanity.

(Source: CNet)


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