Opinion: Microsoft’s Xbox One just keeps getting more expensive…


Microsoft is at it again… adding more money yet taking away things gamers really want.

It has been reported that the Xbox One’s new controller will cost $10 more than its predecessor making it sit at a $60 price point. Moreover, the chat headset (which has previously been bundled with the 360) has been priced at $24.99.

Really Microsoft? Why force gamers to buy a Kinect accessory that hardcore gamers will use maybe once or twice instead of bundling things such as a headset and charging dock? In all honesty, I’m not sure what Microsoft is trying to do.

In my opinion, there should be two types of bundles: one for casual gamers that want to play games via the connect and one for hardcore gamers that need things like a gaming headset included. They could easily bundle a headset and charging dock into a bundle that would be the same price as the current bundle (and that’s with MSRP pricing).

Microsoft, if you don’t turn things around quickly you lose more than just the beginning of the next generation console war.


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