Diztronic TPU Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

What’s up guys, it’s Derrick here again with another case review! This time we are reviewing Diztronic’s TPU case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this case and I’m sure you will be, too. Read on or watch the video to see for yourself!

Video Review

When first receiving the package in the mail I was a little underwhelmed by the presentation of Diztronic’s product. However, upon opening up the package and taking a look at the case it’s self, I was surprised by the quality of the material and the design. There isn’t much to the design, but there is nothing wrong with a simplistic design scheme. The black case reviewed in the video and the purple case have nice soft touch matte finishes that feel pretty nice in the hand. The clear/white and blue sparkle cases have a more glossy finish that seems to stick to the hand better.


Out of the four cases that I received, the best designed one has to be the black matte case. This is because the glossy finish on the case’s lip around the display of the phone which stands out more with this particular color than its purple counterpart. The glossy lip makes the case look a little more premium rather than something an average TPU case would look like. This doesn’t mean that the other cases are ugly by any means – in fact all the cases look nice – the black case just looks and feels the best to me.


TPU cases are never meant to be the most protective cases and this hold true the Diztronic’s line of TPU cases. These cases offer minimal protection and will protect against some drops but a heavy fall may still leave your phone damaged. These cases are best for those who aren’t worried about dropping their phone all the time but want to protect against scratches and light bumps every now and then.

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However, I will say that the lip around the Galaxy S4’s display is very prominent and is sure to raise the screen of the phone on flat surfaces which protects it from scratching against dust particles, dirt, or whatever else is on your table. There is also a nice raised lip around the camera on the back side of the case that protects the camera lens from scratching.

Diztronic’s TPU case is probably one of the best cases in its category. They won’t run you for more than $10 and there are a ton of different color options to choose from (no matter what phone you’re using). I can only recommend this case to people who only need minimal protection, but it should still suffice in most situations.

If you guys want to purchase one of the best TPU cases on the market visit their website here.


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