Has Samsung Been “Fixing” Benchmark Performance?



Benchmark testing for flagship phones has and is one of the staples that reviewers base their opinions on phone computing power. According to AnandTech, not all phones play fairly when doing these benchmark tests. The tech site claims that when the Galaxy S4 is able to recognize certain benchmarking tools and then overclock its CPU and GPU in order to obtain higher scores.

What this means is that AnandTech is noticing a distinct difference in the normal clock speed of the processors when using the phone on a daily basis as compared to when a benchmark tool is running.

Now of course, Samsung has denied these allegations and stated that this is how the processor is designed to act when dealing with strenuous tasks and that this was not intended to better benchmark results. But in contrary,¬†AnandTech claims to have found a string of code that is marked by ‘BenchmarkBooster’ that specifically lists Quadrant, LinPack, and AnTuTu as applications that are to trigger a higher clock speed.

Personally, I thought all companies did this… so this does not come as a surprise to me. What do you guys think?


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