PlayStation 4/Vita Bundle for only $500?


It has been rumored by a “well placed, anonymous source” that there is going to be a package deal for the PlayStation 4 and Vita that will only cost consumers $500! If this does pan out to be the truth we can assume that Sony will be taking a loss on the Vita; but that doesn’t seem at all impossible due to the fact that the PlayStation 3 was sold at a loss in order to increase overall support for its platform.

The only thing I have to say about this is “WOW”… for $500 this not only matches the price of the Xbox One, but also obliterates the value of its competitor. The Vita sells for $250, so this could definitely be the deal of the year. This could also be a very smart play on Sony’s part.. if they were to bundle the two platforms there would be more motivation for developers to create games for the Vita.

We will give you guys more information when we get it!

(Source: Gamespot)


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