Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: A Non-Fanboy Perspective

Looking forward to the 2013 holiday season, it’s obvious that many gamers have a difficult choice to make. When it comes to hardcore gaming there are essentially only two names that come to mind: Sony and Microsoft. These companies have been duking it out since the release of the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox, and the release of their next generation consoles won’t see anything different. With all the marketing power these companies have, it can be quite difficult for the average consumer to depict which system is better. I’m here struggling with all of you; I’m not a fanboy for either system.. if you want to read a non fanboy perspective on the next generation of console gaming read on.


Processing Power

Let’s be realistic here, do you honestly care if your console can make that one little dust particle look that much better when comparing your console to someone elses? No, I didn’t think so. These two gaming systems will be packing a ton of power and no one will be finding themselves looking at lackluster graphics. In all honesty, I have been content with how realistic graphics looked on the current generation (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3) and the little bit of finer detail we can squeeze from the processing power isn’t really going to make a difference in how much I enjoy a game. After all, a good game doesn’t become a good game from just its graphics – it becomes a good game from the value of actual gameplay. For instance, look at Minecraft, a game with the graphics from over 10 years ago, is a huge hit because of how well the game plays not its graphical prowess.

So on a processing point of view, these consoles can be considered equals not in terms of numbers, but rather because it doesn’t really matter.

The True Comparison

When we take processing power out of the equation what are we left with to compare each console? Well it’s obvious isn’t it? The features each game system offers to consumers becomes the real battle ground. What can the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 do that the other cannot? What can they both do? Which system does it better?

However, instead of just simply listing the features of each console.. let’s just take a look at what each one is really geared to do. Microsoft has been hard at work making the Xbox One the center of your entertainment. One of the downsides of this is that I believe that the Xbox One is a multimedia center first and a game system second. Don’t get me wrong here… as of right now it looks like it will be able to do both very well. Microsoft is pushing a really great concept here – one system to control your entire living room.. movies, sports, TV, games, Facebook, Skype – everything at the tips of your fingers. So, when looking at the Xbox One I have come to this conclusion: if you are a person that wants to do more than just game on their console.. the Xbox One may be the one for you (no pun intended).

Now let’s look at the PlayStation 4. Sony hasn’t been sitting back hoping and praying for their console to be a success either, in fact they have been hard at work marketing their console too. What is their concept? Well, as of right now it’s pretty clear that Sony is marketing their console to the hardcore gamers. The PlayStation 4 is a game system first and a multimedia system second. Now while all of this sounds great for hardcore gamers, it does leave a lot of us who aren’t hardcore gamers wondering whether or not we should purchase this console. From all the developments since the reveal of both consoles, I have come to the conclusion that the overall gaming experience will be better on the PlayStation 4. However, what really scares me is what about those times I just don’t want to game. Sure I can watch movies on Netflix or stream videos over the internet but there really seems to be something lacking here. To me, Sony’s console is great for gaming and isn’t really made to be the complete center of my entertainment.

So What Now?

Both systems have certain things over one another, but which one is the right one for myself? I love to play games.. but I love to watch TV. Is it really that much of a hassle to grab the remote and change the TV input? No certainly not. Do I really care if my system can record more game play than someone elses? No not really. Am I really going to have 2,000 friends that play games with me? Probably not.

Some of you may say that one is cheaper than the other but I’m not on a seriously limited budget here. I’ve been saving up for this next generation and have been ready to lay down more than enough money. As a non-fanboy this decision is very difficult.

So, what do I really care about? In all honesty, I think I care more about what everyone else is playing. If my friends will play games on the Xbox One I’ll probably end up purchasing that console, and it goes the other way too. Also, knowing how long these generations last, I have to consider what kind of system will be the best for me 5 to 10 years from now.

What will you guys be playing? Sound off with you opinions in the comments below.


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