Review/Unboxing: Incipio Watson Wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

What’s up guys, Derrick here with another Samsung Galaxy S4 case review. This time we have Incipio’s Watson Wallet which is a folio wallet with a removable inner case! This phone case is all about options and usefulness. Read on or watch the video below to see what this case is all about.



The particular model that I received is probably more geared toward older people; however, there are three other color schemes purchasable at Incipio’s website. Those colors are black/black, white/pink, and white/blue. Colors aside, this case looks great and it feels very nice in the hand. This of course is all thanks to the “eco-friendly” leather material that covers their plextonium shell. The material isn’t sticky but its texture does help ensure that your phone won’t slip out of your hand during use. The inside of the case features a premium looking soft touch material that not only keeps your phone from becoming scratched but also seems to clean the display as well.

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The case does feel a little thick, but what can you expect from a phone case that is meant to not only cover the front of your phone but also hold up to 3 different combinations of credit cards and/or IDs? If it does end up being a little thick for your liking, Incipio has you covered because you can actually remove the inner case by simply sliding a credit card around the cracks on the sides of the case (watch the video to see what I mean).


My phone does feel very protected inside of the Watson Wallet. In fact, during my testing I accidentally dropped my phone and picked it up relieved to find that there was no damage to the phone. Moreover, the elastic band that is used to secure the front portion of the case did not come undone during the drop. I also have found through my testing that the band does not slide off during normal use.

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I do like that they thought about the thickness of the phone case and gave people the option to forgo the Watson Wallet. The inner case follows some design cues of Incipio’s feather line which feature a slimmer form factor.


Overall, the Watson Wallet is probably one of the best wallet cases on the market. This case is very functional and versatile and I’m sure you will find many scenarios that will take advantage of its design and usefulness. I do recommend this case to people who are looking for card holding cases, but may not want to use the slots all the time. If you find your self not needing a wallet sometimes but always wanting a case, the Watson Wallet is probably for you.

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