Xbox One will not force you to have Kinect on in order to function


In yet another policy reversal, Microsoft has stated that the Xbox One will not need the Kinect sensor in order to function! This comes after consumers around the world raged about the necessity of the always-on Kinect with privacy in mind; which was one of the major points of controversy for the system. However, one must keep in mind that without the sensor many features such as the “Xbox On” command would be lost.

Also, remember how Microsoft cited the requirement of the Kinect as the reason for the extra $100 on the price tag? Well, since its not required for the console to function any long, this makes me wonder if there is a cheaper Xbox One only bundle in the works. If the Kinect bundle is ditched, the price would drop and would make the Xbox One more competitive.

But, is this all too late? Has the damage already been done?


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