Why Sony’s Internet TV Service Could Destroy Microsoft’s Plans for the Xbox One


It was recently reported by the Wall Street Journal that Sony has allegedly finalized preliminary deals with Viacom. This news could possibly be detrimental to Microsoft’s next generation system because it basically takes what the Xbox One can do with TV media and does it even better. While Microsoft is busy trying to streamline your entertainment by enhancing your current cable and/or satellite subscriptions, Sony is busy making those expensive subscriptions a thing of the past. 

With Sony’s internet TV service, users can expect to either pay nothing (which has been the theme for a lot of Sony’s features), be part of the PlayStation Plus community, or pay a nominal fee to gain access to the service. Regardless of the cost, it is sure to be less than whatever we all have been paying our cable and satellite TV providers. However, what we must keep in mind is that this internet TV service hinges on what media outlets Sony is able to obtain. If they aren’t able to get enough support there wont be enough substance to make the service a good alternative to many consumers that watch a great variety of shows from different media outlets. Regardless, what Sony is trying to accomplish here is a great idea and if it comes to fruition it could be even better than what Microsoft is offering.

Moreover, the deal with Viacom is a good sign in favor of the PlayStation 4 because it shows that what Sony is offering is good enough for even the biggest players in the TV media industry. If they are able to do the same with CBS, Disney, and Time Warner they will have some serious momentum going into talks with other media providers.

(Source: WSJ)


8 thoughts on “Why Sony’s Internet TV Service Could Destroy Microsoft’s Plans for the Xbox One

  1. I shared the same thoughts when Xbone was unveiled.
    For me it was clear: Sony is going to support Netflix and all streaming channels, which makes it a future TV box, when Xbone is pretending to do same + old TV support, which is needless for most of the console owners.

    It’s a big win for Sony, by the way.

    • I agree, if Sony is able to pull this off (which they most likely will due to their massive presence in the media industry) it will take a lot of momentum away Xbox One.

    • obviously the channels they are able to secure will be the most important factor, but history also has a place in the discussion….a look at this gen’s format war shows Sony’s blu ray format winning over Microsoft’s hd dvd format for a couple of big reasons that look to continue this gen…first off it is an arena (entertainment and related products) that Sony are just more experienced in than Microsoft, not least important of which are the contacts and contracts that they hold and have gained over their long history in the business…second and possibly most important and relevant to this argument is ease of use and accessibility…the ps3 was one of the best blu ray players on the market right out of the box, whereas the 360 required an additional purchase of an hd dvd drive…in which case people simply didn’t bother with it, the implication is, if this format takes off in a big way, i’ll buy the add on drive then, but the format can’t take off w.o the sales of the drives and the disks, whereas w/ the ps3, anyone who had one could simply see a blu ray disc at the store and pick it up, they already had the player, might as well make use of it…..this gen we hear a very similar story, in many more cases than you would think, first off the features will only be available to a limited amount of subscribers in america off the bat for an undisclosed amount of time, and many americans don’t have the box they would need to even utilize the one’s tv features, meaning they would have to upgrade not only their cable package, but also their hardware, just to use features that ultimately amount to less than what the cable box itself would…w.o the huge boon of dvr the xbox one is essentially just a multitasking tool, a glorified remote really….whereas on the ps4 side, again, you will have everything in the box, if you want to subscribe to these channels it will just be a click away, seamlessly integrated, easy to use, and allowing of all of the switching at multitasking that the xbox one is capable of….the only thing not there at launch are voice commands, something that has been spotty in the past at best, and also something that sony could very easily do themselves through the eye i’d say….but what’s the point when we could just use our remote? History tends to repeat itself, and as long as Sony gets even a handful of desirable channels or holdouts who wouldn’t be on many streaming services, then they will pull out the win in the multimedia department, not to mention the original content department, to which they have had decades of experience producing some of the best original content film & television has ever seen, whereas microsoft seem content to just open their pocketbook wide enough for spielberg to peek in for a producer credit….now if they could entice blomkamp to be back on board for a halo flick, it could be a bit of a different story

  2. Viacom? F*CK NO! $0n¥ PauperStation was supposed to be a gaming centric device -> ALL LIES, OVERHYPE AND UNDERDELIVER! GFY $0n¥, MS’s HDMI in port is only there for backup and already has many more streaming IPTV contracts underway, as it already did with the Xbox 360! Suck it N4Gtard paupers!

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