Will a PlayStation 4 + Vita Bundle Finish-Off the Xbox One?


When deciding what console to buy many people look at their options and see whether or not one console offers better value through bundles over the other. With rumors stating that a PlayStation 4 and Vita bundle is in the works, its obvious that in terms of monetary value Sony’s next-gen console bundle would take the win. If this rumor does turn out to be true, would it really be as game changing as the hype is building it up to be? In a lot of ways it really could be the end to all the momentum Microsoft has been creating through its expansive public relations work. But would it really affect the decisions of all gamers (including the average consumer) or would it only seal the deal for us hardcore gamers?

Before our cell phones were able to play decent games, almost everyone I knew had some sort of Nintendo Gameboy or PSP. However, now-a-days with everything our smartphones are capable of, fancy pieces hardware like the PS Vita collect dust while we play Candy Crush, scroll through Instagram, and even watch YouTube. Moreover, the PS Vita is just around the same width as a 7 inch tablet which makes it too big for some pockets thus limiting its true portability. Lets face it, the average consumer isn’t going to want to lug around an extra device with them when their smartphones can already do everything they could possibly need.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Vita is an exceptional piece of hardware that plays games comparable to its non-portable sister devices (PS3 and PS4) and there will also be instances – such as long trips – that one could make good use of the Vita and its features. But on a day to day level, its really not that necessary to bundle the Vita to obtain complete dominance over the gaming market. With a price tag that is currently $100 less than the Xbox One they have already set themselves up well. The winner of this next generation will be decided by the average consumer, and they will most likely choose the console that fits their lifestyle the best. Therefore, the average consumer most likely isn’t going to see the Vita as a deal maker because they will not find many probable scenarios that would take advantage of yet another portable device in their lives.

The Vita bundle may only be able to clinch the deal for hardcore gamers that will want to carry around a powerful gaming device every day. But other than that, everything else is up to powerful marketing, quality of games, and word of mouth. If the PlayStation 4 is found to be the dominant console of this generation, it won’t be because it was bundled with the Vita but rather due to reasons such as: overall entertainment experience, game quality, and console versatility.

In the end, it’s not really necessary for Sony to bundle the Vita to win the console war, if their console better than Microsoft’s they can win without it.

(Pic Source: PlayStation)


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