This In-game Minecraft Computer Will Amaze You

A YouTuber by the name of Lespaulguitar10 has created a fully functioning computer within the popular Minecraft game. The computer features it’s own operating system dubbed lpgOS that gives the user access to a ton of different functions and programs.

The commands and functions the computer is able to perform include:

  • Versatile display that can display letters A-Z and numbers 1 – 9 (and even more things such as graphics for the lpgOS)
  • 4 bit multiplication, 8 bit addition, and 4 bit subtraction
  • 4 commands that include day, night, and day only
  • One song
  • Trivia game with 5 questions
  • Functional keyboard and mouse (however, of course you can’t move the mouse)
  • Icons to launch programs
  • 182 bytes of memory
  • Full functioning Tic Tac Toe program with computer AI

In the video the computer may seem somewhat slow… but that’s only due to the limitation of Minecraft. The true feat here is that the computer not only has it’s own operating system with icons and all, but that it is able to do so many different things.

This seems to be a work in progress still with even more features on the way. This guy just took Minecraft computer building to the next level. Feel free to download the computer map from here.


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