Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty Ghosts: Feature Smackdown

When it comes to multi-platform first person shooters there are two names that take over the industry – Battlefield and Call of Duty. Often the center of fanboy debates that are as heated as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 forum threads, both games have been duking it out for years now with each one trying to one up the other in an effort to claim favoritism from gamers.

Battlefield has been known for its sprawling landscapes with ginormous maps while Call of Duty is known for its intricately designed areas that make for arena like game styles. In the end, each game caters to different crowds and allows those players to go about game play in different ways. With a surplus of features, a gamer is sure to stay glued to their couches all day long as they unlock new weapons, perks, attachments… etc.

Yet, these games are just as different as they are similar. They are both first person shooters, and what makes them so different are the features introduced to enhance game-play. Below is a list of the different features from each game with a little background on the feature itself.

Please note: The feature lists below contain some of the main features that effect game play and do not include all features available from both games.  

Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • Extensive Player Customization via the Create-A-Soldier feature: Players are able to customize their in-game characters by choosing their head, body type, gender, equipment and head gear. All the customization options result in an astonishing 20,000 possible combinations which ensures that your customized player is only yours.
  • Revamped Perk System: No more are you forced to a limited number of perks (within reason) in multiplayer. Much like Zombies from previous Call of Duty games, each player is given 8 points to allocate which perks they want. Each perk is given a specific value that is worth anywhere from 1 to 5. This means, a player could possibly have 8 different perks that are valued at 1, or even only 2 perks valued at 4 each. If you want to get even more perks, you can forfeit on of you side arms and be given 3 more points for even more perks.
  • Addition Kill Streaks: Ghosts is to have over 20 new kill streaks that range anywhere from “Juggernaut Maniac” to calling in your very own guard dog.
  • Squads: Will allow players to effectively create and customize their very own AI team. These squad members can rank up and even prestige along with you allowing you to engage in online warfare with other people and their squads. While this does sound very interesting, the feature hinges on the quality of the AI programming in Call of Duty: Ghosts. This game mechanic is reminiscent of Forza’s offline game play in that it will also allow you to earn points if your squad does well against other players.
  • The New Engine: The new Call of Duty graphics engine is an upgrade over its predecessors, and while it doesn’t seem to look as good as its competitor it’s still not a shabby game in this department. With real-time lighting, 60 frames-per-second, and dual rendering technology, Ghosts is undoubtedly the best looking Call of Duty to date.
  • Audio Overhaul: One of the coolest things about the new engine powering the game is the audio engine. The new system features an ADSR-based reverb system, reactive emitters, and location battle chatter. Put simply, your actions will cause other things in the world to make noise. For instance, throwing a grenade will make a different sound on wood as opposed to on concrete slab and an explosion across the map could make the fence behind you rattle.
  • Dynamic Map Events: This feature allows players to interact with the game maps that will alter the way each online game is played. For instance, in one of the maps a player can blow up a gas station causing the roof to collapse or a player can even trigger traps that affect other players. These map events are basically like flipping a switch – either they are on or they are not.
  • Call of Duty App: The new smartphone/tablet application will allow players to interact with the game in real time. You can chat with you clan, invite players to clan, and even access your loadouts.

Battlefield 4

  • Commander Game Mode: This game mode will designate a player as a commander which will allow them to see a unique viewpoint of the game. They will be able to give orders, mark attack positions, identify intel, and notify their team of supply drops. Also, this game mode can be played from your computer and even your tablet.
  • Frostbite 3: One of Battlefield’s main points of interests is the awe inducing graphics engine. Frostbite 3 looks like a next generation game and will allow you to fully immerse yourself into the game. Battlefield 4 will have the best graphics of any Battlefield before it. 

  • Levolution: Players can expect to see a truly dynamic game that has their environments change around them in real-time. This is different from Call of Duty’s dynamic map system because you can essentially change anything in the game. Is that tree in your way? Chop it down with you rifle. Is a building blocking your sight line? Blow it up.
  • Water Combat: Unlike previous iterations of Battlefield, the water in this game will have waves that make you dip and rise. This will make for very interesting water-based-combat in which players may engage in a “cat and mouse” style of combat.
  • Battlelog – The Battlefield 4 App: This application will allow users to access features via their tablet or smartphone. When you’re at home or away from you console you can surf server lists, view your stats, configure your layouts and even see what your friends are up to. When you’re in the game, you can then use the applications as a second screen to see what your squad members are doing on a minimap, set attack points, change your loadout when you die, and even hop to another server if the one you’re in gets boring. The Battlelog community will also offer you the ability to create missions and challenge your friends.

So, you may be asking yourself which is the better game. Well, in all honesty it entirely depends on you and your game style. Call of Duty offers a more fast paced game style in smaller spaces while Battlefield is played in huge maps that act as true battlefields. Both offer enhancements with second screen extensions to either tablets or mobile devices. Both even have their own forms of dynamic map interaction.

Both games are likely to be the best shooters of the year and they both offer plenty of features to keep gamers happy. One may look nicer than the other graphically, while the other offers better campaign or multiplayer combat. Again, the decision boils down to what you like as a first person shooter enthusiast.

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16 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty Ghosts: Feature Smackdown

  1. Battlefield: WAY Better Graphics, Tablet/Smart Phone Intergration (actual interaction, not just class custmaztion), Air/Sea/Ground Vehicles, Realistic Enviroment and Weapons, 64 players, Massive Maps,Destructable Enviroment,
    COD:…….. O!, you can change your body and head..
    Not even a competition

  2. Thats cute and all but COD has a way bigger fan base and sells way more just because Battlefield is pretty and shiny like a brand new camaro doesnt mean its better then a mustang aka COD. Its more prefered and played more often so your right no competition COD will always have more players,fans and sales then Battlefield

    • You sir, obviously is one of the “bigger fan base”, and where did you hear this bull****? According to statistics (which I dont even bother linking, just use google if you dont believe me) Battlefield had and have more fans then Call of Duty. Besides that, Call of Duty fans are considered around the age of 11-15 while the Battlefield mediage is between 14-18. While this doesn’t really matter, it’s still interesting to know.

    • HAHAHA!!! Don’t even compare bf4 to cod; to begin, all that Activision showcased for their “next gen” cod game is their slightly modified engine, and had spent 90% of their time talking about how the graphics are better….HAHAHAAAA!! I don’t even have to argue. Next, let’s talk about the new AI system… I thought cod was a multiplayer game, isn’t that why 8yr olds buy it all the time? If so, then it’s safe to assume that the “new” squad modes (HAHAHA!!!) that have your premade squad controlled by AI will be used for a few days and then forgotten, while everyone moves to the actual multiplayer modes. Also if you think bf4 isn’t as fast paced as cod, then you must be a cod fan booooi! Bf4 has TEAM DEATHMATCH modes, and let me tell you something fan boys; the bf4 team death match modes were FAST PACED (mainly because of the smaller map), the only difference is that: bf4’s tdm is fast paced in a DYNAMIC WAY while in cod; you could be staying/camping AROUND 1 building the entire game.

  3. COD is awesome at its features like character customization, drones and all……. BF is good for a strategic mind and destructive environment……. So both are equally good and after all, I am gonna buy both of them!!!!!!!!!

  4. If anything Battlefield is the winner here, offers better graphics and better MP game play, When it comes to first person shooters Team Work is the goal of it, and COD doesn’t really offer that when the maps are really small, Plus Battlefield has TANKS, JETS, CHOPPERS, HUMMERS ect!!! COD has dogs?? I think TANKS win this. Battlefield was first released 2002 and had sales off the roof where COD was 2003 and got its sales but unlike Battlefield, Don’t get me wrong I love both games and will be getting both but I would rate BF4 10/10 and rate COD 8/10. Yes COD have more series on the market but they are released too soon from each other where Battlefield work harder on their games and bring what games want to the table.

  5. I played all the COD games since world at war and honestly they have sold more than battlefield. Being in a play group of about 200 members who play daily about 90% of us did not like MW3 or BO2. So 182 die hard cod fans are making the switch. COD needs to step it up.

  6. I like battlefield and cod but cod is for 12 year olds who like to kill people while jumping off things while spinning around, where as bf is more realistic. If you want 10 minute or less games of running about like a lunatic play cod if you want longer more tactical with vehicles play bf4

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