Microsoft to Still Ship Xbox One with Kinect, This is a Good Thing


IGN recently reported that Microsoft’s Phil Harrison stated that the Xbox One and Kinect are not separate systems. He went on to state “An Xbox One has chips, it has memory, it has Blu-Ray, it has Kinect, it has a controller. They are all part of the platform ecosystem”. From these statements it is pretty safe to assume that even though Microsoft previously stated that Kinect would no longer be required to run the system, the system will still ship with it regardless.

With this news, we can also assume that the next generation console will still retail at $500 with no Xbox One only version in sight. This may have many people up in arms but if you look at it at from a different point of view its actually a good thing. By bundling the Kinect with all systems, developers will have more incentive to include functionality into their games.

In-game Kinect functionality will enrich game play in a unique way only found on Microsoft’s console. Moreover, this also shows that there will be more support for the camera on Microsoft’s end. If they have the Kinect bundled with every system, they will have more incentive and pressure to constantly improve the features available through it.

In the end, this development may not be good for your wallet, but it will be great for game and system features in the long run. Don’t count out the Xbox One just yet! If you had/have the extra $100 to splurge, would you rather have a PlayStation 4 bundle or the Xbox One?

(Source: IGN)


2 thoughts on “Microsoft to Still Ship Xbox One with Kinect, This is a Good Thing

  1. “If you had/have the extra $100 to splurge, would you rather have a PlayStation 4 bundle or the Xbox One”?

    If the Xbox One was $200 and the PS4 was $600 I would still go for the PS4. After everything Microsoft has done, I will not be trusting them for a VERY long time.

    I do NOT want Kinnect, I do NOT want games to use it and I certainly do NOT want to be forced to pay for it when buying a console.

    PlayStation 4 it is. After Grand Theft Auto V…..I am back with Sony for the upcoming generation.

  2. Even if including the Kinect 2 causes a sales lag at the start, it will give XBOX ONE a massive edge in the long run. PS4 will just be the same old – same old dual analogue system with , slightly better visuals at best. XBOX ONE will have a myriad of exclusives PS4 will never touch, and different play styles adapting to much wider audiences. PS4 could be rendered obsolete (potentially)
    No matter what some of the hardcores say about their opinion on Kinect 2, it will give XBOX ONE undisputeable appeal in the long run, and further progress the technology for further console successors

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