iPhone’s 5S A7 Processor Rumored to be 31% Faster


While we have been seeing pictures of the iPhone 5S and 5C flood the interwebs, we haven’t really heard much about the internals of the smartphones. As the rumored announce date edges closer, it seems as though we have finally gotten some news on the processor powering the successor of the iPhone 5.

Clayton Morris, a Fox News co-host twetted that some of his sources are saying that the new A7 processor powering the iPhone 5S will be 31% faster than its predecessor.

This means that your applications will run faster, games will play better, and the operating system will run smoother. Now the iPhone 5 is by no means an under powered phone, but this is great news knowing that the iPhone 5S could see an upgrade in its internals.

(Source: Technobuffalo)


3 thoughts on “iPhone’s 5S A7 Processor Rumored to be 31% Faster

    • The iPhone 5S will be more of a refinement of the current iPhone design rather than a redesign. The iPhone 5C (budget version) will however be a complete overhall that features a plastic shell that can be ordered in different colors.

      If you want to see a comparsion video between the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 you can go here: http://wp.me/p3IHdf-3T

      If you want to see some pictures: http://wp.me/p3IHdf-74

      Thanks for reading!

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