The Good: Microsoft Points Officially Replaced by Real Currency; The Bad: Sales Tax Included


According to Major Nelson, Microsoft Points are now being replaced by your local currency! This comes as part of a new Xbox 360 update that is currently rolling out to different regions. If you haven’t been able to update yet, check back in a few hours to see if you can then.

While this makes the process of purchasing games and other programs from the Marketplace easier users will now have to pay those evil taxes that were once avoided. That one game that would have equated to $25 even will now have a sales tax.. this may be an annoyance, but seeing as local U.S laws are cracking down on internet sales tax, this addition was inevitable.

Fret not if you have any Microsoft points left in your wallet, the remaining points will be transferred to real dollars at a 120mp/$1 ratio.

What do you guys think? Were Microsoft points really that annoying to deal with? If you could keep the points in exchange for not paying taxes on purchases, would you?

(Source: Xbox Magazine)


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