Microsoft Could Be in Trouble, Still No FCC Approval for Xbox One


EDIT: Please be aware that this article is based off of information that has yet to be released by the FCC and/or Microsoft. The sole purpose of this article is to discuss the following issues: (1) If the console has yet to pass through the FCC it may be a sign showing that the console has yet to be finalized. (2) If the console does go through the FCC later than sooner, Microsoft will have less time to react IF there are any problems.

EDIT 2: News has surfaced that Albert Penello, Microsoft Director of Product Planning, seemingly confirmed that the Xbox One received FCC approval early in the summer. However, this was posted on a forum and is not credible regardless of its origin. We will update the story if an official release from Microsoft or the FCC is released.

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While Microsoft tries to rebut supply chain and manufacturing issues as results for a delayed Xbox One release, another possible problem has come to light. Where is the FCC Approval for the Xbox One?

Without FCC approval, a manufacturer is not able to market and sell their products in the United States. If the FCC finds any problems with the Xbox One and requests for Microsoft to change or adjust entities within the console itself, there would be a disastrous impact on supply. Needless to say, that if there is a major issue, components may need to be sourced from different manufactures causing further constraints on the supply for the console.

Moreover, this lack of an FCC approval may even show that the specifications and design of the console may not be finalized (regardless of what we have seen on YouTube and TV). If this is indeed the case for the next generation console, we may see further delays that could extend to even more regions.

Please note that this is all just speculation at this point and there may in fact be a finalized version of the Xbox One being reviewed by the FCC at this very moment. But that still doesn’t change the fact that the delayed FCC approval for the console shouldn’t worry us. Remember, the PlayStation 4 saw its approval in late July (albeit very early) is still a full month ahead of the Xbox One.

With PlayStation 4 pre-orders reportedly out numbering that of Xbox One pre-orders, Microsoft needs to ensure that they have a near perfect launch with no supply constraints. If they are unable to do so, it may be another obliterating blow to the platform putting further behind the PlayStation 4. Moreover, now that there is only about 3 months between now and the end of November, Microsoft is cutting it very close to ensure a problem free launch for their next generation console.


9 thoughts on “Microsoft Could Be in Trouble, Still No FCC Approval for Xbox One

  1. The fact that the FCC certifications werent leaked doesnt mean they werent obtained. As well, FCC only tests signal emissions on the console (at least can only fail a product based on that.) so it is no sign of system stability or capabilities.

    Moderated: Don’t flame.

  2. they passed fcc in the summer albert posted it on neo gaf which he is a verified user but hey i replied here is the truth though ..

    Moderated: Do not flame, if you read the article you would understand that in no way was this an attack on Microsoft. This just discusses hypothetical situations and is not intended to be the be all end all. We made it pretty clear that there could infact be no problem at all. This is just speculation on why there has been no official release found from neither the FCC nor Microsoft.

  3. Once again, xbots disapprove anything negative about their beloved system, even when its facts.
    If the xbox one had received the approval from FCC, many months ago, they would have proudly showed it to the entire world, via a ‘leak’.
    Microsoft is like China.
    The Chinese government : ‘for building that dam, 1 million people will die, along 50 million animals. What should we do?’
    ‘Heh…. go on and build the dam’

    The same will happen with microsoft.
    ‘Dear CEO, we are having some issues regarding the xbox one finalization. Releasing the system late in November is just to risky, and we could face a rrod issue 3 times worse. We really recommend postponing the xbox one release date to mid January, so our faithful customers can acquire a rock-solid reliable system. What’s your opinion?’
    ‘Heh…. go on and release the xbox one BEFORE the ps4. And please, include a dhl return box, so the assholes, I mean, our dear customers, can send it for fixing, when the system stops working , after one week.’

    Jump In 😉

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