Smasung Galaxy S5 Reportedly Getting Metal Casing


The one thing most critics have against Samsung smartphones is their use of plastic materials. Well, it has been reported that the Galaxy S5 will most likely see a complete redesign which may include an introduction of a metal housing. This comes after the company is rumored to have already made prototypes in Vietnam and has started to plan the production of the magnesium aluminum casing.

If this rumor does end up being true, the Galaxy S5 will be much harder to compete against. One of the only faults of the S4 and presumably the unreleased Note III are the fact that their devices feel “cheap” to many smartphone enthusiasts. Without a doubt, if this rumor does in fact speak the truth the new device will definitely feel much more solid and premium like that of its rival competitors.

(Source: ETNews via Talk Android)


4 thoughts on “Smasung Galaxy S5 Reportedly Getting Metal Casing

  1. There a dozens if not hundreds of aftermarket metal cases for the S3, most for just a few dollars. This is a SELLING point for a new phone, a metal back case?

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