5 Reasons I Will Be Getting a PlayStation 4


So, Derrick posted his reasons why he will be getting an Xbox one after it releases, and since I’ve already preordered my PS4, I thought I would respond with the reasons I have chosen that. Before I begin however, I want to point out that we don’t want this to turn into a fanboy war where we bash the other console. To be honest, I think the Xbox one is a great piece of hardware. I just feel like the PS4 is a better fit for me and my gaming. So, without further ado, here are my top 5 reasons.

1. Games. I’ve been a playstation gamer since I bought my PSP quite a few years ago. In the time, I’ve come to enjoy games with Ratchet, Nathan Drake, Cole McGrath (or at least I did…), Kratos, Sackboy, and others that are exclusive to the playstation brand. There are numerous mutliplatform games which I enjoy as well, but it’s the experience of games that I can’t get anywhere else that really drives me to the PS4. (And to a smaller degree, keeping my PS3, but we’ll talk about that later). Specifically the “killer app” that I’m most excited for isn’t coming at launch, but shortly after… Infamous: Second Son. I just platinum-ed the first one and am about to play the second again to do the same.

2. Gaikai. If that name doesn’t mean anything to you, Sony bought a company called Gaikai not too long ago whose sole focus was streaming games. They have since used that technology to improve remote play between the playstation vita and the PS4. They showed this tech off at Gamescom where they were playing Assassin’s Creed IV on the vita streaming from the PS4 with no lag. It was awesome to see. In addition, in early 2014, they will be launching streaming games through to the PS4. The promise of backward compatibility of PS3 classics, PS2 and PSOne games just seems amazing and I can’t wait to see how they implement it.

3. Playstation Plus. I’m a plus member and knowing that is going to carry over to PS4 including the instant game collection is great. I’ve been able to play some amazing games that I would never have been able to check out since I’ve been a member. Now, I’ll also have a game day one: Driveclub. Can’t wait to see what else they introduce with this service.

4. Indie game support. Sony’s support of indie games is not just lip service. They announced a ton of games at E3 and Gamescom that may be indie in name, but look like fantastic experiences. Some have complained that too many games were indie in nature, but I couldn’t disagree more. I feel like the gaming world has shifted and if you don’t have an established name, it is increasingly difficult to get on with a large publisher. As such, indie games are where you are going to see the most innovation.

5. Finally, the social aspects of the console are really interesting to me. The demo of watching a live stream, then jumping to that exact match, then posting a screenshot was something that truly felt next-gen to me. It really is more than just a button on the controller that lets me share something. I can’t wait to see what games really take hold of these social capabilities whether it’s an app that allows me to interact when I’m not at my console or can notify me when friends are starting a new quest. I am hoping we find out even more, but what I’ve seen so far has blown me away.

So, what did I miss? What are you most excited about in your next console? Comment away, but please remember to leave out the fanboy-ism.


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Will Be Getting a PlayStation 4

  1. One of the only things that I am skeptical about with the PS4 is Gaikai. I feel like that service would be utterly useless if you have a sub par or laggy internet connection.

    Luckily, if I ever do go back to a Sony console in this next generation I wont have to worry about Gaikai because I don’t really ever play older games.

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