5 Reasons Why I Will Be Getting an Xbox One


Over the past few months it has become obvious that the favorite for this generation has become Sony’s PlayStation 4. However, there are people like myself who will still choose to get an Xbox One as their next-generation console – even with all the negative opinions from gamers and the media saying we shouldn’t. So why have I chosen to get Microsoft’s console? Below are a few short explanations of my choice.

1. Multimedia Capabilities – Overall, the Xbox One has shown better multimedia capabilities than its competitor. From what we have all seen thus far from Microsoft, the Xbox One is the obvious winner when it comes to doing things other than just gaming.

Switching from games to TV, to Youtube, back to games and back to TV is easier now than it has ever been. Admittedly, switching inputs on my flatscreen won’t be that difficult to do in the first place, but the ability to do everything with a simple command makes everything just that much better. I’ll be honest, I have a horrible attention span, so I may watch TV for 5 minutes get bored and want to go play games; and the Xbox One makes this really easy to accomplish.

2. All Bets Are In My Favor – Worst case scenario, a few months after I receive the console I end up hating it and decide that I want a PlayStation 4. Regardless of how well or bad the Xbox One does after launch, it will most likely retain a good amount of its value. Given that I keep the console in tip top shape (near mint condition) I will most likely be able to sell the console for nearly the same price as a new PlayStation 4. In the end, my only real cost is the depreciation of the Xbox One when I go to sell it. I wont have to put in a large sum of money (if any at all) to switch to Sony’s platform.

3. Kinect 2.0 – Yeah, we have all already heard this before but that’s only because it really is a selling point for the Xbox One. Hardcore gamers may not rejoice for the forced Kinect + Xbox One bundle, but in the end we all benefit. Right now you may say that you will never use it and that its a stupid peripheral. But who’s to say that 1, 2 or even 5 years down the road you have a change of heart? Who’s to say that developers won’t take advantage of the immense user base and develop specific features in games for their Xbox One games.

Kinect-2.0The fact is that the Kinect 2.0 is a powerful and innovative device. It will be nice to know that if I ever do want to play casual games with the advanced camera it will be there waiting – no purchase of motion sensors or controllers necessary.

4. The Cloud – The Xbox one has been developed to be deeply integrated into Microsoft’s cloud network. Anything from increasing processing performance to enhancing game play mechanics is possible because of the Cloud. Because of this dependence and integration with a cloud network, users will not have to worry about being stuck in the past a few years after launch.The cloud gives the Xbox One room to grow and evolve over time. The days of being stuck with what you bought are over, the faster our internet gets, the better the Xbox One will get. Also, cloud processing is just the beginning.. there is no telling where the technology will take the platform years from now.

5. Games, Games, Games – While many criticize the Xbox One for its lack of focus a user’s gaming experience, past years have shown that Microsoft doesn’t lack in this department. Most of the AAA titles available on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 had many exclusives for Microsoft’s platform. We are sure to see the same follow through with the next generation. Moreover, in the end… regardless of which platform someone decides to support, most games are starting to go multiplatform which means people wont be left out in most cases for those huge want-to-have games.

Also, for those of you out there screaming at the top of your lungs about 1.8 teraflops.. and the other raw processing power advantages the PlayStation 4 has over the Xbox One can stop. The processing power difference between the two consoles will not amount to much in terms of gaming performance. In the end, the games will look extremely similar if not identical in the graphical department.

In conclusion, this whole console war boils down to a persons individual tastes. Every gamer is a winner this time around and no matter what console you choose to support you will have an amazing entertainment experience.


6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Will Be Getting an Xbox One

    • If you mean in raw processing power, then yes the PS4 is stronger than the Xbox One.

      There are however more to purchasing a console than just raw processing power. For instance, why do people buy Macs when they could get a PC with more processing power for cheaper?

  1. Just curious, are you a 360 owner now? I figure this is the first generation of consoles where the previous console had an online group of friends built in. I think this is one reason people will go with one console or another even if they think they might enjoy the other more.

    • Actually, I have always been a Sony console owner. Ever since the early years of PlayStation 2 I have been along for the ride.

      This will be my first jump to Microsoft, I hope this investment pays off in the end. Just like with the PS3 it was a rough start but it paid off in the end and my gaming experience didn’t suffer.

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