Apple’s Touch ID May Not Be As Secure as You Think

If you have an iPhone 5s and think that fingerprint scanner keeps your phone impenetrable you may want to take a look at the video above.

The YouTube video published by SRLabs details a way to get into and take control of not only an iPhone but several email and social accounts media associated with the device. The original owner could easily wipe their device when stolen but due to an easily accessed button for the airplane mode, the thief can block all incoming data (including the wipe-now command from Find My iPhone).

The situation continues to grow worse from this point forward as the thief can then access several email accounts and essentially steal the original owners online identity.

Until the airplane mode exploit is fixed, if you are an iPhone owner and your device is stolen you should do the following things:

  1. Proceed to wipe the device via Find My iPhone
  2. Immediately change all passwords for any social media account, email (including your Apple accounts), and banking apps accessible from the phone.

The two steps above may seem like the obvious things to do when your device is stolen, but people have become a little too complacent when it comes to their iPhone security (especially when it comes to the 5s). Also, if you don’t have an iPhone, don’t think that you are excluded from security flaws… you should also do the above steps to ensure your identity is secured as well.


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