Coin – The Must Have Wallet Accessory

Do you feel like your wallet is too fat for your pockets? Are you tired of fumbling through your wallet/purse to find the right card? Well… look to further for the answer to your prayers.. Coin – an all in one credit card – is here to save the day.

The idea is simple: one card to replace your wallet full of credit cards, membership cards, and even gift cards. Coupled with an app on your iOS or Android device users can sync up to 8 cards a time to their Coin. It swipes just like any other card with an magnetic strip so you can use it virtually anywhere.

For those of you that are worried about your identy’s security you are in luck too. Coin has the ability to sense when you are walking away from it and will alert you to make sure you don’t leave it behind! Moreover, if your Coin or wallet is ever stolen, you can set a time interval (of your choosing) that will deactivate your Coin when it is disconnected from your mobile device.

Right now, Coin is in the pre-order stage and won’t ship till Summer 2014. BUT, for those early adopters out there you will be rewarded with a measly 50% off of the full retail price. That means, you’ll get Coin for only $50 as opposed to the full $100 dollars after it launches.

If you are really interested, you can pre-order Coin here!


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