Tech Now: What Project Scorpio and PS4 Neo Could Mean for Console Gaming

Project Scorpio - MS OfficialProject Scorpio, Xbox One S, and PS4 Neo. What do they all have in common? Improved specifications? Yes. Improved aesthetic designs? Check. Opening the console gaming industry to a whole new kind of gaming ecosystem? AbsolutelyThe way these new consoles fare in the next few years could change how the console gaming industry works forever.

Great, so now we have new devices hitting the market soon that will run circles around the current generation and 4K/VR gaming will become more accessible for those who haven’t dabbled into the PC Master Race scene. All this stuff is cool but it shouldn’t be what really excites gamers the most. With these new consoles come an idea that many people have coined as ‘mid-gen’ upgrades. What this means is that even though the internal hardware in these devices gets stronger and faster, the games boughXbox One S - MS Officialt for previous consoles will continue to work on the new ones. Even better yet, people will also be able to play online sessions with other gamers on different older or newer console generations.

There could be a time in the not-so-far future where consoles are upgraded every year and gamers would be able to either lease or trade in their current systems for the
next versions. This method of business has worked so well for the smartphone industry and has basically been accepted as the norm now for many years. With consoles and smartphones being so similar in the way they must be replaced to be upgraded, it only mak
es sense to adopt that sort of business model. We as gamers may never get the ability to upgrade individual parts of our devices but at least this is a step in the right direction. Moreover, with the move toward more PC like architectures in game consoles there is a grand possibility that a gamer will never be left behind again (within reason that is).

We must also not forget about the possibility of an open ecosystem between all gaming devices. The keys have been given to all parties out there – someone just has the take the plunge and unlock the door. One day in the future, gamers from the Sony, Microsoft, and PC platforms could be all playing online together and it all started here in 2016 & 2017 with  the PS4 Neo, Project Scorpio, and Xbox One S.


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