Hopspot – The Next Big Social Media App?


In the growing city of Charlotte comes a new app that aims to make a dent in Facebook’s and Twitter’s stranglehold on the social media scene. A startup company named Socialtopias brings us Hopspot – an app that promises to reduce the distractions and drama from ‘other’ social platforms and focus on the expansion of our real (non-digital) social lives.

Note: The article below is an objective based view on Hopspot. Don’t forget view the official website here and download the app for your device to see what all the fuss is about for yourself. There is also an official app launch taking place at Craft in South Charlotte Wednesday, July 13 @ 7:00pm.

Remember the early days of Facebook or Myspace (yuck!) when every status was about what some person was doing? Our feeds were full of posts like: “Derrick is bored.. who wants to hang?”. Hotspot brings this back but don’t cringe just yet. We all know it’s a social faux pa now-a-days on Facebook (not so much for Twitter) but the way it’s presented in Hotspot brings a new ingredient to the proverbial pot. Hopspot’s posts are broken into 7 categories: I’m Here, On My Way, Going, Looking To, Up For Anything, Hosting, and Staying In.


Within these categories you post about what you’re doing or how you’re feeling (you know, the usual stuff.. we’ve all been doing it since AIM days). What’s cool about these scenes is that it makes it easy to see who is available to hang, who to leave alone, and where everyone is at. It’s an extension of social networking that hasn’t really been captured yet on other social media platforms.


So, you post that you’re going to the new brewery downtown, what next? Well, you do what you normally would and go about your business. But this time, your friends who use Hopspot might be ‘Up For Anything’ or ‘Going’ out too and they might choose to tag along or meet up with you. I can imagine a night out where a couple friends meet up at a bar in the city and it just cascades from there. Heck, they may it so easy for you to get to where the action is at… you can even order an Uber to meet up with your friend right from the app. Oh, and one more thing, the feed is cleared at 6:00am every day. Only posts about what your friends are doing that day can be seen (aha! no distractions or drama from the night before!).

There is one caveat though, the platform needs a large user base to be even slightly functional. But that’s no different from the other giants in the social media space so it has to start somewhere. This app looks promising and its spin on social networking seems more thought out than Google+ so it might just stick. I may be a little bias because I’m a native born Charlottean but this app has potential and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.


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