iPhone 7 to Have a 13% Bigger Battery


The Scoop: A ‘pretty reliable’ rumor regarding the iPhone 7’s battery size comes from @OnLeaks. They report that the iPhone 7 will come packed with 1960mAh battery that is roughly 13% bigger than the iPhone 6s’ 1715mAh battery. We were beginning to think that this year’s iPhone would see yet another decline in the battery department (iPhone 6s’ batter is 9% smaller than it’s predecessor iPhone 6). After all, the headphone jack is already getting removed, what would stop Apple from removing even more battery capacity?

The Fuss: Apple looks like it’s finally back on track with battery improvements. Last year mobile enthusiasts were shocked when it was officially announced that the iPhone 6s would have a smaller battery than the older iPhone 6. One has to wonder though, if this rumor sticks and ends up being true – will the device get thicker as well or did Apple manage to find a slimmer compact battery? I’m going to go with the later as it has be pretty much all but officially confirmed that the iPhone 7 will have the same form factor as the iPhone 6 and 6s.

It’s rumored that next years iPhone will have an OLED display which will also help reduce battery drain during use. Let’s hope that this rumor proves to be true and Apple continues the trend in increases the batter size, too.


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