Microsoft Edge: The Only Browser to Support 1080p Playback on Netflix


The Scoop: Earlier this week Microsoft claimed their Edge browser was the only browser (of the big four: Chrome, Opera, and Firefox) that had the ability to stream content from Netflix at 1080p. PC World put this claim to the test and confirmed that yes, Microsoft wasn’t bluffing and the Edge browser was the only one that could stream at 1080p.

The Fuss: The Microsoft Edge browser was already getting a bad rap for being affiliated with the people who brought us Internet Explorer but it really isn’t that bad. All the browsers have their ‘quirks’ some are a little larger than other (*cough* Chrome eats RAM *cough*). Microsoft attributes this success to the way the program works with existing platform features on Windows 10.

With this confirmed news, Microsoft Edge is starting to gain some steam as it has a few things going for it over the other major browsers. With all these changes though, one only has to wonder how Google will react – surely they can’t be out played by the people who built Internet Explorer, right?


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