Leak: iPhone 7 Colors – Confirmed?


The Scoop: Leaked images of ‘dummy’ units reveal what could be the final set of colors of the iPhone 7. Earlier rumors suggested that this year’s iPhone may come in a new ‘Space Black’ color variant. The leaked image doesn’t show any new color editions, but it could be possible that a Space Black iPhone 7 may be exclusive to the higher spec’d iPhone 7 Plus Pro.

The Fuss: Another week another iPhone rumor or leak… almost like clock work it looks like everything about the aesthetics of this year’s iPhone will be known before the official announcement. In the image posted by Macitynet we see the same color variants available on the current iPhone 6s. Though, one thing to take note of here is that the image is of the smaller iPhone 7 and there is no confirmation if whether or not a new color may be exclusive to the larger iPhone 7 Plus or 7 Plus Pro.

Interestingly enough, we can also take notice of the absence of smart connector cutouts on the rear of the phone which was also rumored to be an addition to this year’s iPhone. Other things seemingly confirmed by the leaked image are the movement of the antenna bands, upgraded rear camera, and the removal of the headphone jack. It is difficult to see, but the cutout for a headphone jack is usually visible on iPhone cases even from an angle. Seeing a straight edge on the bottom of the phone again confirms that this year’s iPhone will have no headphone jack.


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