Xbox One S – Launch Date Announced

Xbox One S - MS Official

The Scoop: The recently announced Xbox One S finally has a launch date set for August 2nd. The new console will start at $299 and comes packed with a 500GB hard drive which supporting playback for 4K UHD resolution video. The launch will take place in 2 phases: August 2nd, 500GB @ $299 and 1TB @ $349; August 31st, 2TB @ $399.

The Fuss: The Xbox One S is the first time in the game console industry that there will be any significant internal hardware upgrades to a platform. In the past, mid-gen console releases have been mainly cosmetic (reduction in size) and reliability (looking at you Xbox 360 red ring of death). Yes, these do have to have updated internal hardware to fit into smaller packages, but fundamentally they specifications did not change.

Microsoft has said that the Xbox One S will start at $299 with hard drive capacities that range up to 2TB. The new box will be 4K UHD compatible, but this unfortunately will only be for video playback and will not be utilized for gaming purposes. Of course, we will also see a much need cosmetic upgrade which is now 40% smaller than the original Xbox One and will finally have a built in power supply (no brick!). Oh and it can be stand vertically which being used (unlike the Xbox One which could not be ran while in a vertical orientation.

On August 2nd gamers will be able to purchase the 500GB and 1TB versions for $299 and $349 respectively. The 2TB version will be available for purchase at a price of $399 come August 31st. Though, one has to wonder if anyone will buy the new console this year if the release of Project Scorpio is just around the corner.


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