BlackBerry DTEK50 – Could This Be the Start of a Comeback?

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The Scoop: Earlier this week BlackBerry announced the DTEK50 and have coined it as the ‘the world’s most secure Android smartphone’. Is it enough to make BlackBerry relevant again? Who knows, but at least we know that the device fits in line with other Android flagship devices in terms of technical specifications and design.

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The Fuss: We all know that BlackBerry used to be a powerhouse in the mobile market – but with the adoption of Android and iPhone platforms, the device manufacturer failed to remain relevant even with its target business user market.

Other than being touted as the most secure Android smartphone yet, the DTEK50 comes with packed with some pretty impressive specs:

Display: 5.2″ scratch resistant 1080p @ 424 PPI
Camera: Front 8MP, Rear 13MP
Processor: Snapdragon 617 Octa-Core (64 bit)
GPU: Adreno 405
Memory: 3GB
Storage: 16GB expandable to 2TB microSD (yay!)
Ports: USB 2.0 (boo!)
Battery: 2610 mph with Quick Charge 2.0 (50% charge in 51 minutes)

Funny enough, BlackBerry makes a big push on how their phone has access to over one million applications via the Google Play Store. Truth be told, I’m not sure BlackBerry calls this out as a key benefit – but at least it is better than the BlackBerry app store (ain’t saying much).

So, specifications and app selection aside – BlackBerry tries to differentiate itself from the flooded Android market with its focus on security (i.e. going back to it’s roots!). Basically, the DTEK50 comes preinstalled with a feature called DTEK(TM) by BlackBerry(R) which automatically monitors all the installed applications and Android OS letting you know when your private could be at risk. DTEK also works to encrypt data on the device keeping you pictures and other things protected and acts as a password keeper to help keep track of all passwords in our digital lives.

Other than device security and nice specs, BlackBerry goes further to try and differentiate and gain back some of its old market share by calling out the DTEK50’s production excellence and business/enterprise ready qualities.


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