6 Reasons to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7


The Scoop: Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 today (8/2) and it comes with a plethora of new features and spec upgrades including: an improved S Pen, iris scanner for security (yes, the future is here), IP68 rated water resistance, and more (read the full write up for more details). If that isn’t enough to persuade you to upgrade, those of you who pre-order the device (starting tomorrow 8/3) can choose a free bundle add-on of either the Samsung Gear Fit2 or a 256GB SD card.

The Fuss: As is tradition, this year’s upgrade of the Galaxy Note line comes with plenty of new features and adjustments to make even the most die hard Apple owner salivate. For simplicity sake, lets list the top 6 reasons (in no particular order) why you should get the Galaxy Note 7.

1: Curved Glass Screen & Body

Note 7 ReleaseUnlike it’s predecessor, the Note 7’s screen features curved edges much like the S7 Edge does. This may upset some users, but for most out there with average sized hands, this is a welcomed change that will help make the phone more usable in one hand.

2: Upgraded S Pen and S Pen Features
Note 7 Release 2

I haven’t tested this yet, but it’s assumed that the S Pen will not get stuck and cease to function if placed in backwards. In terms of features, the S Pen has the ability to take extended screenshots that are larger than what the screen can display, it can record portions of video content and save them as GIFs, and write on the ‘always-on’ AMOLED display for quick note taking.

3: Iris Scanning Security

Iris scanning can now be used as a method to unlock a device or view a secured folder. This should be easier (and possibly even more secure) than fingerprint or patter/code locks. Though, much like fingerprint authentication, we will have to test this feature out once the device is on store shelves.

4: Water Resistance (IP68)

The Galaxy Note 7 is now capable of being submerged up to 5 feet for up to 30 minutes at a time. It’s a wonder why this isn’t already a universal standard for all flagship phones – we have all spilled coffee, water, or dropped our device in a toilet once to twice before.

5: Powerful Specifications

This puppy is ready to run circles around its competitors with many powerful specs to boot:

Processor: Quad-Core (2 x 2.15GHz & 2 x 1.6GHz)
Display: 5.7″ Super AMOLED (2560 x 1440)
Camera: 12MP dual pixed rear, 5MP front
Storage: 64 expandable up to 256GB
Battery: 3500 mAh
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow

One special item to note is that the quad-core processor has the ability to choose which set of cores it utilizes to run apps which saves battery by using lower clocked cores when higher clocked cores aren’t necessary.

6: Bundled Add-Ons (with Pre-Order)


Customers who choose to pre-order the Note 7 will be able to choose between either the Gear Fit2 or a 256GB SD card and receive these for free with their order. This isn’t the first time Samsung has tried to entice people to buy into it’s platform before – recently ordering 2 phones on Verizon got you a free HD TV.


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