1Password: World’s Best Password Manager? (and Free for Limited Time)

The Scoop

1Password is a multi-platform password management app for iOS, OS X, Windows, and Android, that promises to help users remember the logins to all their services, and be more secure with a plethora of powerful and easy-to-use features. Better yet, for a limited time you can sign up online for their subscription service for multi-platform support and get it for free for 6 months. After that, you can use their standalone mobile application for free or pay $2.99/mo (year paid in full) or $3.99/mo.

The Fuss 

Let’s not waste any time and just get into what makes 1Password one of the of the best password apps on the market.


AES-256 decryption and strong handshake authentication are used to ensure data isn’t leaked inadvertently.

Backup Locations can be controlled and managed through many different options. Users can chose between iCloud, Dropbox, a 1Password account, a local network drive, or even a computer folder.

Functional Features

Powerful Organization utilizing vaults, folders & tags! Vaults can be treated as individual safes that allow you to set different levels of permissions. Folders can be used within each vault to better organize information and tags can be used to help better index and search for stored items easily.

Historical Backup: Remember that time when you deleted something on your desktop and almost had a heart attack until you realized that your computer had a recycle bin? Yeah, 1Password has this feature and archive deleted data for up to 365 days.

Browser Support for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera (sorry Edge and IE no love here) allow 1Password to intuitively be by your side when you need it providing auto form fill capabilities, password saving, and password generation that is synced across all devices. Their big tag line here is “who cares what a password looks like if you never have to remember it” which goes hand in hand with their strong password generation and auto syncing capabilities.

Mobile Device Support for iOS and Android featuring “Digital Wallets” and “Watchtower”. Digital wallets give you the ability to store more than just passwords and Watchtower keeps an eye on all the services you have saved passwords for and alerts you if anything has been compromised.

iOS Support is much more advanced here with Spotlight search integration and in-app support allowing auto-filled passwords for apps.

Family & Business Sharing

One account for your entire family allowing one member (or parent) to manage who gets to see what information. Family accounts are allowed to store all the same type of data as personal accounts and each family member is allowed to have their own personal vault for their private information.

Admin console for business users that allow business owners to fine tune permissions, revoke access, and add users as needed. Business accounts are centered around secure document/data sharing that shouldn’t be done on sticky notes, emails, or IMs.

Cost: 5 family members for $4.99 and $3.99 per team member.


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